At work encountered boolean expression from 6 arguments and it was optimized for characters, but not for readability. In the end I managed to extend expression, but got an idea for a small utility.

Decided to create small utility that would help compare two boolean expressions. It's been a while since I worked with javascript or Visual Studio Code. VSC copy that I had installed was so old, that id didn't even start, good time to update it.

Utility is pretty simple, extract variables and brute force through all possible true\false combinations and compare output of two expressions. If output matches for all possible argument combinations, then we can safely replace one expression with other and don't worry about breaking changes. Fun small project for a weekend.

Was suprised how easy it is to start debugging local files in Visual Studio Code

  1. Install extension "Debugger for Chrome"
  2. Press F5 and window will open asking to select environment
  3. Choose "Chrome"
  4. launch.json file will be created in .vscode directory, change url parameter to html file full path.
  5. Restart debugging

Visual Studio Code will open html file in Chrome and attach debugger.


Source available at github and live version:


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