I read a lot when I was kid, but with time my reading when to complete stop. At grade 10 and up I didn't even read what was required at school, at university only what was required. Everything changed at 2019, it was renaisance of reading, in total I read 34 varyious books. 

Small summary:

1 - audio book.

1 - in lithuanian, rest of them in english.

7 - comic book compilations, 200+ pages long each.

1 - book read three times.

5 - books from same author.

How it changed so much ? Well, I found topic that resonates very deeply with me, and I want to learn as much as possible about it. Waking up at 4-5 oclock in the morning to have few extra hours to read before going to work was easy, sometimes even waking up without alarm clock, just straight to books.

Reading habbit didn't change much in 2020. Admit that I read less, however I spend much more time reading online, youtube and writing notebook on the same topic. This year so far I have read 9 books.

Decided to write small blog post about reading and tools that I find usefull. Reading is much more fun when you can use phone/tablet/reader and keep all books in sync.

To track read books I use GoodReads.com

Sumatra - Like VLC but for books. Windows book reader that supports probably all formats, plus free and open source.

Kindle For PC - Synchronize between - desktop, mobile, tablet, amazon e-readers. Best synchronization between devices, however with few minuses: DRM, can read only books puchased from amazon, limited amount of notes (? how is that a thing...). If you happy with amazon and get books only from them, I suggest sticking with it.

Pocket book - Synchronize between - web, mobile, tablet, pocket book readers. Similar to Kindle, but much more open, huge variety of supported formats, upload your own books, unlimited highlights (with export functionality). However it's a bit laggy on web. And it's free.

Polar - Web and desktop reader. Highly recommend if you study pdf.

Calibre - Great tool to convert, manage all your books also *cough* remove amazon drm *cough*.



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