Hacktoberfest, I knew about this event for several years, but every year I fail to make 5 pull requests. Even though I to do as much work as possible in open source, most of it ends up on my own repositories. This year I went out of my way to find repositories, preferably in .net, to make contributions. And by contributions I mean something more than just adding my name to contributors list.

My contributions

LiveSplit  (Customizable timer for speedrunners)

I have been following video game speedruns for quite some time, I find it really great as background noice. Most of speedrunners use timers to measure how long it took to beat certain levels and game itself, and LiveSplit is one of those timers.

I read on twitter some complains to this project, decided to clone project and see if I could reproduce issues. I didn't manage to reproduce issue, however noticed that search results could use some visual hints, which would make them more comprehensable, thirty minutes later pull request was ready.

This project is quite old, most if not all request to web are done synchronously. If you are experienced with async\await, this project could use your help.

VS-PPT (Visual Studio - Productivity Power Tools)

Simple pull request to remove invalid url from description.

MergePdf (Pdf merging tool)

I found this project through github search, project had one issue marked for Hacktoberfest. Issue was to add support for merging any amount of pdfs. This project reminded me of something that I could have created, plus it's written in WinForms which I have barely used, for all my desktop development I use WPF, this seemed like a good project to make bigger contribution.

From zeros Watch\Star\Fork to 1\3\9 simply by making few commits and creating new issues for others. 

I will try to create more new issues if all current ones will get solved.

Where to contribute

For me it's really difficult to find small repositories to contribute espessially for .net developers. If you have same issue, good starting point is https://github.com/madskristensen  Mads Kristensen has a lot of small interesting projects.

I don't plan to actively look for more open source projects, maybe these projects will find me. All my contributions during hactoberfest can be seen at https://hacktoberfest.digitalocean.com/stats/floatas

Writing this post before Hacktoberfest ends in hopes to inspire more dev to start contributing to open source.

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