Recently started learning MEAN stack, was fallowing MEAN Web Development book step by step until I got stuck with grunt protractor selenium testing.  Tests ran successfully from cmd, but grunt task failed with message:

Error: No selenium server jar found at the specified location (C:\Users\sarun\MEAN\node_modules\protractor\selenium\selenium-server-standalone-2.45.0.jar)
. Check that the version number is up to date.

To fix this issue you need to install webdriver-manager locally, to do that, in project directory run:
node node_modules/protractor/bin/webdriver-manager update

This command can be put in package.json file:

"scripts": {
    "postprotractor": "node node_modules/protractor/bin/webdriver-manager update"
However you will still need to execute it manually:
npm run-script protractor

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