Caprover quickly became my favorite server management tool. If you are a solo developer or working in a smaller team, you should definitely give it a try.

What's included:

  • Docker registry - but you can easily connect to any other registry
  • Docker build engine - just push your code and Caprover will build and deploy it
  • Webhooks - integrate with any Git repository and build\deploy on push
  • Server metrics
  • Lets Encrypt certificates - Caprover will issue and renew certificates for you
  • Custom nginx configs - you are not locked in doing things in only one way, if you need web sockets or extra http headers - you can modify configuration
  • One-click-apps - select app from list, enter required variables (name, version ...) and deploy. Similar to docker-compose where you can run multiple services from single configuration. Also it's easy to create your own one-click-app configurations

What's missing

  • Logging - to view nginx or other service logs you have to SSH to server
  • No build steps - you can't run tests or do anything else, just build and push to registry

I have been using Caprover for a half year now and moved all my services to it, so right now I have +10 services running, including web apps, databases, WordPress, and more.

Caprover is too simple to write about and its documentation covers all the details, but at the same time Caprover is too important not to mention it.

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