6 years have passed after starting my first blog, attempts to improve my writing skills continue.

I don't have any large numbers to share, never really marketed my blog, but there are few blog posts worth mentioning.

Most popular old blog posts

As of right now, all previous blog posts are "gone", some of them will be recovered and rewritten, but as of right now you probably came to this blog for these two posts.

Visual studio custom file nesting

File nesting doesn't exist! And VS Code team is not planning to implement it any time soon. There were several attempts at this and it is possible to implement it even with custom rules. However, VS Code dev team is not ready to make these changes. There are two options, wait or implement it yourself.

Ping me in comments and I will share my own VS Code build with custom file nesting.

SQL file stream in ASP.NET MVC with Entity framework

Yeah, I get it. It's fun to implement it, but just don't do it. We live in Docker world, there are better solutions for this.